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iselRobotik - Wafer-Handler, Prealigner, Linear Track sowie Zubehör für diese Automatisierungskomponenten für die Halbleiterindustrie


  Welcome to iselRobotik
  As a subdivision of isel Germany AG, isel Robotik presents a cross section of the
product range wafer handler, prealigner, linear track, endeffectors, as well as accessories for
automation components for the semiconductor industry.

isel components for the semiconductor industry represents an innovative all-in-one design and are class 1-clean room compatible.

Movement control, servo amplifiers and voltage supply are integrated.

A maximum of flexibility and efficiency is guaranteed by the modular structure of all components for a low cost/performance ratio.

iselRobotik | Official Manufacturer of the RoboGolf Pro




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Flexible and future-proof with an off the shelf solution.
Flexible and future-proof with an off the shelf solution
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